Thursday, 1 March 2018

How to restrict TV shows and movies across your entire Netflix account

In the last post we showed you how to restrict the content on a profile in Netflix. Now we are going to show you how to take that one step further so that your kids cannot access content they shouldn't see on any other profile.

To do this we are going to set up a PIN and tie it to one the Netflix Maturity Levels. When anyone tries to access a show or movie above the pre-selected maturity level, the PIN will have to be entered in order to watch it. I know it sounds like a hassle for any parent out there but the extra five seconds it takes to fire up that episode of The Crown is worth it.

As a refresher, here is a quick breakdown of what Netflix's Maturity Levels refer to in ratings applied to TV shows and movies in Canada. Note, the ratings vary by country. You can lookup the ratings for your country here.

Parent Tool: Parental Control Pin

To get started, log into your Netflix account via your browser of choice and select a profile.

In the top right corner, click on the profile icon and select Account from the options that appear.

Scroll down on the account page and click the link for Parental Controls in the Settings section.

To access this area, you will need to enter your Netflix account password.

Now you set a four digit PIN (only numbers are allowed) and then click on the highest maturity level that you want to allow access to without the need to enter the PIN. In our house we have gone with 'Older Kids', anything above that will require the PIN. Once you've completed this step, hit Save.

Now, head back into your profile, and select a show above the maturity level you've selected, like Stranger Things, and you will be prompted to enter your PIN to proceed.

Great! Now your children cannot access shows beyond their age unless they ask first.

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