Wednesday, 28 February 2018

How to hide inappropriate content on a single profile and enable Kids Mode in Netflix

For every one TV show or movie on Netflix that is appropriate for kids, there are probably a dozen or so that are not. Luckily there are a couple ways to limit what your kids see when using Netflix.

Parent Tools: 'Hide Content by Rating' and 'Kids Mode'

In order to understand the options available to you, here is a quick breakdown of what Netflix's 'Maturity Levels' refer to in ratings applied to TV shows and movies in Canada. Note that ratings vary by country. You can lookup the ratings for your country here.

To get started, log into your Netflix account via your browser of choice and select Manage Profiles.

Click on the profile you would like to change. In our house the kids have their own profile.

Under Allowed TV Shows and Movies, select your desired maturity level (see above for the breakdown of what each maturity level means). The children in our family range from age 4 to 9, so we went with 'For Older Kids and Below' but you can select what you feel is appropriate for your family. You can also check the box marked 'Kids?' to load right into Kids Mode when the profile is selected.

Once you are done hit Save

Now when you go back and select the named profile it will launch right into Kid Mode and filter out all the content that they shouldn't be seeing. 

I know what you are saying...."This is great and all but whats to stop them from selecting a different profile and just watching what they want?". Luckily there is a way to handle that as well by setting a few restrictions on an adult account (instead of just a profile like we did here) and we break that down in the next post, How to restrict TV shows and movies on Netflix on your account

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