Wednesday, 28 March 2018

Require a password on all purchases in the PlayStation Store

It is going to happen, sooner or later your child is going to get caught up in the moment of a game and buy something online with your credit card. It happened to our family last year in the Google Play Store (side note they were super friendly and refunded the purchases without issue) and it recently happened to another family I know two weeks ago with Fortnite through the PlayStation Store.  

It sucks but it happens. While moments like this are a great talking point to our children about money, responsibility and consequences, there are things we can do as parents to prevent them from getting into the situations in the first place. In this post, I am going to walk you through the steps needed to require that your password be entered on all digital purchases on PlayStation. This includes the browser based store and the PlayStation Store on the PS4 itself. 

Parent Tool: Require password for purchases on PlayStation

From a browser, go to the PlayStation Store and log in via the Sign In link in the top right corner. Note, if you set up the 2-Step Verification you may need to have your mobile device with you to log in. 

Once signed in, hover your mouse over your account name in the top right corner to expand the menu and click on Account Settings.

On the Account Management screen, click on Wallet in the left side menu. 

On this page you will see your payment methods along with a couple settings. At the bottom of the page click the Edit button underneath the sub heading Wallet Settings

Change Require Password at Checkout to Yes and click on Save.

If all works as expected you will be taken back to the Wallet page and you will see a notice that Your Wallet settings have been changed

You should now be able to sleep a little easier knowing that there is one more layer between your credit card and Sony.......assuming your password cannot be guessed by a nine year old :). If you want to take all of this a step further, you can set up an account for your child where you can block all purchases.   

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