Thursday, 12 April 2018

How to disable Voice Chat in Fortnite

Earlier we shared a post breaking down what parents should know about Fortnite. As noted in that post, the online interaction can leave your child exposed to some language you may not want your child to hear. Luckily Fortnite has an option in the menu that allows you to disable voice chat all together and keep your child's ears free from the toxic chat that accompanies most online games. 

Parent Tool: Disable voice chat in Fortnite 

Note: for the purposes of this guide I will be using a PS4. If on Xbox or PC, the process is the same but the button commands will be different. 

To open the options menu, hit the Options button and then use the arrows to highlight the Gear and hit X.

Use R1 to tab over to Audio.

Use the down arrow key to highlight to Voice Chat and then push the left arrow key to set it to Off.

Press the Triangle button to save the changes and then press Circle to go back to the game menu.

Voice Chat is now disabled. If you child plays with friends online and would like to talk with them, they can form a Party Chat via PlayStation or Xbox and invite their friends to that chat. This allows them to still communicate but prevents random people from people able to chat with them.

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