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How to turn off online communication in Roblox

Ten year old me wishes Roblox existed when I was a kid. Growing up as a computer and gaming nerd, I would have died for a game that let me create my own games within it and share them with the world. People have created games where you deliver pizzas, work at McDonald's, play hide and seek or save the world from zombies. The endless possibilities are why my kids love it and why I worry about what and who they are being exposed to along the way.

The Roblox Corporation is actually pretty active in trying to control the content that appears and have strict rules and guidelines that must be followed. With that said some things do sneak through and the open communication can expose a child to vulgar language, cyber bullying, and more. A quick Google search can show you what kind of disturbing things kids have been exposed too through this game.

Thankfully there are some steps you can take to remove that risk. By adding a parent email, setting up a PIN and adjusting a couple settings we can remove the online interaction with others and filter the games available to only those curated by Roblox themselves.

Parent Tool: Restrict communication in Roblox

Note: For the purposes of this tutorial I am using the iPad app. The same process can be applied to the PC, Android and Xbox versions but the layout may vary. 

The first thing that needs to be done is to assign a Parent's Email to your child's Roblox account. This will allow you to activate 2 Step Verification.

From the home screen, click on the More button at the bottom of the screen.

Click on Settings.

Click on Account Info.

Click on the Edit button to the right of Parent's Email address. 

Enter in your email address and the current password for the Roblox account and click on the Add Email button. I already have an email assigned to my account so the button says Change Email in the image below.

You will now have to log into your email to verify the email address. Once done, head back into Settings and click on Security.

Click on the button to activate 2 Step Verification.

Click on the button to enable Account PIN. Turning this on locks the account settings with the PIN in the future.

Enter your new PIN, confirm it and hit Add. You will get a Success message, just click on OK.

Now we are going to enable Account Restrictions. This automatically configures the Privacy settings and only shows the Roblox games that have been curated by Roblox. Click on the button under Account Restrictions to enable it.

To see what Account Restrictions does, click on Privacy  from the left side menu.

You will see that all the Contact Settings are off and locked. This means there is no way for anyone to communicate with your child at all.

Now you children can enjoy the games without worrying about talking to anyone but you.

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